SPI Dynamics JavaScript Scanner

Ok, this is a little weird. Thanks to SecurityMonkey I just tried the SPI Dynamics JavaScript Scanner. From that page:

Imagine visiting a blog on a social site like MySpace.com or checking your email on a portal like Yahoo’s Webmail. While you are reading the Web page JavaScript code is downloaded and executed by your Web browser. It scans your entire home network, detects and determines your Linksys router model number, and then sends commands to the router to turn on wireless networking and turn off all encryption. Now imagine that this happens to 1 million people across the United States in less than 24 hours.

This scenario is no longer one of fiction.

I recommend reading the white paper (.pdf). I tried out the proof of concept on Windows 2000 as a non-admin user running the latest Firefox. Here's what I got. Now all three hosts exist, but due to known issues none are correctly detected. Still, this is a cool idea. Note that I ran the page while using a Web proxy, so all of the requests went through that device.


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