ISSA-NoVA Summer Social

The ISSA-NoVA Summer Social will be held Thursday 17 August 2006 at the American Tap Room, 1811 Library St., Reston Town Center, in Reston, VA. There is no speaker, just a chance for members to chat for a few hours. I will probably be there but I have not yet RSVP'd. Last year I talked with Transzorp most of the meeting, but he's in CA working for Google now. If you're going, please reply here.


Mr. Smooth said…
The July meeting of ISSA-NoVA was my first and probably 2nd to last meeting. I'm going to give it one more shot at this Social, but I was impressed at how boring it was. I just don't think I realized how much distance there was between the techical security people and the policy security people. That being said, I'll be there, and would definitely enjoy some people to chat with who's favorite security tool doesn't start with ISO.
Da Kahuna said…
I find myself nodding in agreement with Mr. Smooth but I don't think that is going to get me to stop going to the meetings. While I continue to hold out hope that some thing with more technical content is presented, there are the occasional remarks that the speakers make that catch my interest.

As for the Socal, I have it on my calendar! Unless real work gets in the way, I'll be there.

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