Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Review of Anti-Hacker Toolkit, 3rd Ed Posted

What is that? It can't be a new Amazon.com book review, can it? It's true, I'm working through my reading list before my wish list gets any longer. It's been over two months since my last review, but I plan to posting reviews again throughout 2006.

My 199th technical Amazon.com review covers Osborne's Anti-Hacker Toolkit, 3rd Ed. . I'm friends with a few of the people who have worked on the editions of this book over the years, primarily Mike Shema and Keith Jones. Keith is no longer working on the book, but Mike is actively involved. From my four-star review:

I reviewed the first edition "Anti-Hacker Tool Kit" (AHT:1E) in August 2002, and the second edition (AHT:2E) in June 2004. AHT:3E was published in February 2006. I continue to like AHT, because it addresses many of the tools an operational security professional should know how to use. I'll point out the differences between AHT:2E and AHT:3E, then offer some suggestions for AHT:4E.

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