Participating in e-Symposium Wednesday

I was asked to participate in an ISSA e-Symposium titled Emerging Threats and Response. Readers of this blog will guess I may have a field day with this one. I'm part of a round table called Migration to IP: Convergence or Collision?. For those of you with extra coin, registration costs £50 / €75 / $90. Wow, I might be in the wrong business! Has anyone heard of these talks before?

Update: As pointed out in the comments, it's free for ISSA members to register.


Anonymous said…
I "attended" the last session (in April I believe), and have been registered for this one as well. I was intrigued when I saw you on the panel, today actually.
Anonymous said…
I hadn't heard of it either, which just shows we both don't read those ISSA Enews E-mails! ;-) (I checked my archive and found that the previous editions were about "IT Governance" (Apr 26) and "ITSec 2005" (Nov 9)

Only non-ISSA-Members have to pay the fee you mention, ISSA-Members receive a coupon code which entitles them to a free "attendance"!:-)

I'm curious about what we will be hearing from you on the panel... ;-)
Anonymous said…
I believe, as an ISSA member you can also send invites through the site to up to four colleagues which will give them free access.

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