New Layout

I used the latest version of the "andreas01" design by Andreas Viklund to design I used an older version of this CSS design for, so I will probably upgrade when I have time.

I have to say I had no real trouble using CSS, unlike Mr. Dvorak. Needless to say my two sites are much simpler than his, and I would dare say far less gaudy!

Thanks to Royce for mentioning the HTML Validator Extension -- I plan to use it to fix warnings and any errors.


Scott said…
We musn't forget, that Dvorak's bread and butter is meaningless complaints like this.
Anonymous said…
Dvorak's site has more ads than content. That's just plain disgusting. I wonder how zdnet and pcmag and other places feel about their sites and the effect they have on readers. Perhaps they show they to monkeys before putting them online. I don't know any human that would prefer that page vomit they call ads.

Wow. I just ranted. Sorry.

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