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Seven Tips for Personal Online Security

Last year I wrote  Seven Tips for Small Business Security , but recently I decided to write this new post with a different focus. I realized some small businesses are in some ways indistinguishable from individuals, such that advice for personal online security would be more appropriate for some small businesses. In other words, some businesses are scaled such that one or a few people are the entire business. In that spirit, I offer the following suggestions for individuals and these small businesses. 1. Protect your email. Email is the number one resource most of us possess, for three reasons. First, imagine that you forget your password to just about any Web site. How do you recover it? It's likely you request a password reset, and you get an email. Now, if you no longer control your email, an attacker can reset your passwords and take control of your Web accounts. How does an attacker know what accounts you own? That is answered by the second key to email: content. A quick