Anyone Going to DoD Cybercrime?

Is anyone going to the DoD Cybercrime conference in St. Louis, MO, 21-26 January 2007? I didn't think so. St. Louis, in January? What happened to Palm Harbor, FL? I spoke there in 2005 and 2006. I have friends living near Palm Harbor, but none in St. Louis.

They're also one of the few conferences (RSA comes to mind) that pays no expenses for speakers; they even charge for attendance! At least RSA picks up the conference fee.

I don't think I'll be going to DoD Cybercrime this year. I think a sign that other people are staying away is the extension of the Call for Papers to 7 Aug 06.


Anonymous said…
Keep in mind that St Louis isn't too far from Scott AFB and that is where the DISA CONUS NOSC is, although I doubt you'll see this conference rotated to Hawaii next (DISA Pacific NOSC) - next most likely location - Omaha, Nebraska, which is the location of USSTRATCOM - JTF-GNO's higher HQ. Probably not on your list of places to visit in the winter either!?!?
I see -- good point. That NOSC must be the reason.
Anonymous said…
They have to pay for black op programs some how, why not have the famous Richard Bejtlich pay for it! Oh wait, I just finised a Vince Flynn book. nevermind.
Anonymous said…
I went last year to the conference in Florida as well (I actually saw you speak). It was a nice blend of learning and sun... although perhaps another reason they had it in St. Louis this year was because people were having too much fun in the sun.

I heard the real reason for the move was becasue when they went to get a price quote at the resort in Florida it was -a lot- higher than last year. $300 is not very much for a conference anyways, there seemed to be some good speakers this year as well.

But sure- Hawaii or even San Diego would have been a nice choice ;)

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