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New Book! The Best of TaoSecurity Blog, Volume 1

I'm very pleased to announce that I've published a new book! It's  The Best of TaoSecurity Blog, Volume 1: Milestones, Philosophy and Strategy, Risk, and Advice . It's available now in the Kindle Store , and if you're a member of Kindle Unlimited, it's currently free. I may also publish a print version. If you're interested, please tell me on Twitter . The book lists at 332 pages and is over 83,000 words. I've been working on it since last year, but I've used the time in isolation to carry the first volume over the finish line. The description says: Since 2003, cybersecurity author Richard Bejtlich has been writing posts on TaoSecurity Blog, a site with 15 million views since 2011. Now, after re-reading over 3,000 posts and approximately one million words, he has selected and republished the very best entries from 17 years of writing. In the first volume of the TaoSecurity Blog series, Bejtlich addresses milestones, phi