New TaoSecurity Layout

I've decided to try a new layout and enable Title and Links explicitly in the posts. Over the past year or more I've received multiple messages about feed issues and so on, so maybe this will help.


Anonymous said…
Looks good; I can see post titles in snownews on OpenBSD -current now.


(Unfortunately, your CAPTCHA scuttled my attempt to post this comment via elinks...)

Sorry, I get too much blog spam to eliminate the CAPTCHA.
Of course the site renders well in Firefox, but my Internet Explorer 6.0.2800.1106 messes up the right hand column. Sigh.
jbmoore said…
First thought was, Why change the look?" Second thought was, "It's the content that matters - the quality." That's why I keep coming back to your blog, Richard.

Anonymous said…
Richard: as a devoted reader, I would like to gently lodge my vote against this layout. I know you have *lots* of people feeding this blog, and the most served should win. I liked the wide "non-blog" look of the posts prior to this. That said, I'd read your stuff it I had to run it through babbelfish. My $0.02.
Scott said…
I like it, I like espcially that it fixes the atom/RSS feed issues.
Hi Randall,

I agree with the width issue -- that is my only complaint at the moment.

If I can find a way around that, I might alter the layout.

Thanks for your support though!
Roger said…
Thanks for the redesign. Works a lot better in my rssreader.
antimedia said…
Richard, change the width of #content to 800 and the width of #main to 545. Almost no one uses anything less than 800x600 these days. That will widen the post part slightly. My most recent stats show that only 16% of viewers use 800x600, so you might even consider pushing it to 900 and 645.
Anonymous said…
Looks clean and respectable (not that it didn't look clean and respectable before) and the RSS problems appear to now be resolved (using Liferea on Linux).

Typical of Blogger though to break things so that such changes are necessary to fix the RSS issue.
Ok, I just modified the template. Because the template used images (like this) for rounding corners, I had to strip those out. Now the page width is improved, however.
Anonymous said…
The new layout looks much cleaner and is much easier to read now. Good work on the update!
The new site looks are sharp and clean. Good work.

A suggestion -- if you use Firefox, you can make HTML validation easier with Marc Gueury's HTML Validator extension. Since it uses a local copy of the W3C tidy library, you can validate local files without having to either upload them or make them reachable from public IP space. It also turns your "Show source" window into a basic HTML debugger that lists hints on what the problem might be. I can't recommend it highly enough.

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