Call for Def Con Dunk Tank Volunteers

I am not attending Black Hat or Def Con this year. However, Russ Rogers asked me to spread the word on the following event:

Defcon will once again be running the Defcon Dunktank as a fund raiser for the fine folks at the EFF ( This email is a call for volunteers that are willing to sit in the dunktank for 30 minutes and let random attendees attempt to dunk them. The money is for a good cause, the water is nice and cool in the hot desert, and you'll be richer and sexier simply for volunteering your time!

Please let me know if you would be willing to sit in the tank. I need to put together a schedule, so if you have a specific time slot you'd like, please let me know that as well. It would be most useful if you can provide multiple slots so I have some room to work.

Please pass this email to everyone you can possibly think of. I'd like to get as many speakers, hackers, and others to sit in the tank at some point during Defcon. And the water is likely to be much cleaner than that in the hotel pool!

Email Russ if you'd like to volunteer: russ [at] defcon dot org


Anonymous said…
I nominate one Richard Bejtlich!
Anonymous said…
I second that nomination. :)
I am not attending Black Hat or Def Con this year.
.ike said…
Hi folks, ike here, I've been coerced to represent NYC*BUG in the wet-seat, all for a fine cause, the EFF. (I'm also speaking, on the topic of FreeBSD jail(8)).

Anyone who's been itching to get in a potshot with me will have a clear shot in Vegas, check the dunk-booth for the schedule, and pass the word...
.ike said…

That's George, of NYC*BUG, taking some serious throws at ike, of NYC*BUG... George has a good arm (unlike most of us geeks), people kept feeding him money to throw...

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