Beta Test Argus 3.0 and Tcpreplay 3.0

If you're a packet monkey like me, you probably use tools like Argus and Tcpreplay.

Carter Bullard is preparing to release Argus 3.0 soon, which includes a lot of community feedback. You can try the latest release candidates here. I helped testing by providing access to a box running FreeBSD 6.1 amd64.

Similarly, Aaron Turner just released a new beta version of Tcpreplay. I ran into a problem with Tcpedit on FreeBSD 6.1 i386 when running 'make'.

Try downloading and testing these beta versions and provide feedback to the authors. Thank you!


Anonymous said…
I finally had a look at rc25 of argus 3.0 - briefly, it looks like it works quite nicely, but I'm having difficulty with some older tcpdump files I made (FreeBSD 6.1 system, just stock tcpdump installed) - I'm not sure why it's dumping core.

I have more detail, if you or anybody else are interested (Richard Bejtlich style :) ) at - my weblog isn't dedicated to security though. (If you have a look though, you may notice that we have something else in common besides choice of preferred server operating systems though. ;) )

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