HD Moore Continues to Rock

What do you get when you combine creativity, deep technical and programming knowledge, and the ability to rapidly execute? The answer is HD Moore. Bamm (Sguil author) and I had the good fortune to have lunch with HD in 2001 in San Antonio, and he made quite an impression on us.

Thanks to this Offensive Computing post, I just learned of HD's new Malware Search Engine. You can read this eWeek interview for motivations behind the project. All of the code will fit into three browser panes. Read this page for examples of how to use it. I wonder if some ignorant policy maker will see this site as a problem and try to shut it down? Browserfun is still operational and July will end soon.


Anonymous said…
Thank goodness openness still exists in the security arena. Leave security up to big companies like Microsoft and Symantec, they'd have everything kept as secrets while everyone gets cracked.

"Bot writers learning from open source"
Unknown said…
Two comments...

First, Metasploit has not only been one of the best new tools (and ideas) in the past couple years, but the site also continues to offer more than just the tool and automated exploits, but rather also a research hotbed. I love it.

Second, I also always love the open source advancements as well. The more I delve into this industry, the more I see the dichotomy of commercial giants hawking their wares and devices as opposed to what I almost call the people in the trenches who do things with open source tools, homegrown apps, and their own knowledge and desires. Not that one is better than the other, but I think the main difference is simply that "hacker" mentality that the media outlets don't seem to get (or want to "get") and those commercial marketing machines. Anyway, commendable to see things stay open, free, and driven by untainted ideals.

-LonerVamp (ohmigosh, I finally signed up)

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