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Happy Birthday

Nineteen years ago this week I registered the domain Creation Date: 2000-07-04T02:20:16Z This was 2 1/2 years before I started blogging, so I don't have much information from that era. I did create the first Web site shortly thereafter. I first started hosting it on space provided by my then-ISP, Road Runner of San Antonio, TX. According to, it looked like this in February 2002 . That is some fine-looking vintage hand-crafted HTML. Because I lived in Texas I apparently reached for the desert theme with the light tan background. Unfortunately I didn't have the "under construction" gif working for me. As I got deeper into the security scene, I decided to simplify and adopt a dark look. By this time I had left Texas and was in the DC area, working for Foundstone. According to, the site look like this in April 2003 . Notice I've replaced the oh-so-cool picture of me doing Ame

Reference: TaoSecurity Press

I started appearing in media reports in 2000. I used to provide this information on my Web site, but since I don't keep that page up-to-date anymore, I decided to publish it here. As of 2017 , Mr. Bejtlich generally declines press inquiries on cybersecurity matters, including those on background. 2016 Mr. Bejtlich was cited in the Forture story Meet the US's First Ever Cyber Chief , published 8 September 2016. Mr. Bejtlich was interviewed for the NPR story Cybersecurity: Who's Vulnerable To Attack? , aired 30 July 2016. Mr. Bejtlich was interviewed for the Washington Post story It’s not just the DNC; we all send emails we probably shouldn’t , published 25 July 2016. Mr. Bejtlich was interviewed for the New Scientist story NATO says the internet is now a war zone – what does that mean? , published 22 June 2016. Mr. Bejtlich was interviewed for the Military Times story The Pentagon's controversial plan to hire military leaders off the street , published 19 June