NoVA Sec Founded

Inspired by Matasano's ChiSec, I decided to start NoVA Sec. Here's the deal. We find a place to meet, we pick a time, and we talk security tech.

I do not want to hear the terms CISSP, FISMA, DITSCAP, C&A, or any related subjects. If you are a security type in the northern Virginia area -- and you perform operational security work -- we want to meet you. If you read, write, audit, or enforce regulations, you won't like this group.

I am working on finding a location. I would like to hold our first meeting in August. If you have any suggestions, please post them as comments to this post at the NoVA Sec Blog. Thank you.


Anonymous said…
I wonder if any of your Silicon Valley readers would like to get together for something similar.
Anonymous said…
I think the first topic should be how to leverage your cissp knowledge to better understand the differences between ditscap and diacap in order to c&a your systems to be FISMA compliant....

Anonymous said…
It seems like more and more of these are popping up all over the place, and with good reason. We've even had one pop up in NE Ohio.
Erik Vincent said…
Is there anyone in Quebec Canada? Up here I did not find any security group,
Do you think it will be possible to podcast the metting?
Sorry Erik, this meeting will not be recorded in any fashion.

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