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Mandiant APT1 Report: 25 Best Commentaries of the Last 12 Days

Two weeks ago today our team at Mandiant was feverishly preparing the release of our APT1 report . In the twelve days that followed publication on the evening of Monday the 18th, I've been very pleased by the amount of constructive commentary and related research published online. In this post I'd like to list those contributions that I believe merit attention, in the event you missed them the first time around. These sorts of posts are examples of what the security community can do to advance our collective capability to counter digital threats. Please note I avoided mass media accounts, interviews with Mandiant team members, and most general commentary. They are listed in no particular order. Seth Hall (Bro): Watching for the APT1 Intelligence Jason Wood (SecureIdeas): Reading the Mandiant APT1 Report Chris Sanders: Making the Mandiant APT1 Report Actionable Symantec: APT1: Q&A on Attacks by the Comment Crew Tekdefense (NoVA Infosec): MASTIFF Analysis of APT