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One Weird Trick for Reviewing Zeek Logs on the Command Line!

Are you a network security monitoring dinosaur like me? Do you prefer to inspect your Zeek logs using the command line instead of a Web-based SIEM? If yes, try this one weird trick! I store my Zeek logs in JSON format. Sometimes I like to view the output using jq. If I need to search directories of logs for a string, like a UID, I might* use something like zgrep with the following syntax: $ zgrep "CLkXf2CMo11hD8FQ5" 2020-08-16/* 2020-08-16/conn_20200816_06:00:00-07:00:00+0000.log.gz:{"_path":"conn","_system_name":"ds61","_write_ts":"2020-08-16T06:26:10.266225Z","_node":"worker-01","ts":"2020-08-16T06:26:01.485394Z","uid":"CLkXf2CMo11hD8FQ5","id.orig_h":"","id.orig_p":53380,"id.resp_h":"","id.resp_p":21,"proto":"tcp","service":"ftp",&quo