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Happy 20th Birthday TaoSecurity Blog

Happy 20th birthday TaoSecurity Blog , born on 8 January 2003 .  Thank you Blogger Blogger (now part of Google) has continuously hosted this blog for 20 years, for free. I'd like to thank Blogger and Google for providing this platform for two decades. It's tough to find extant self-hosted security content that was born at the same time, or earlier. Bruce Schneier's Schneier on Security is the main one that comes to mind. If not for the wonderful Internet Archive , many blogs from the early days would be lost. Statistics In my 15 year post I included some statistics, so here are a few, current as of the evening of 7 January: I think it's cool to see almost 29 million "all time" views, but that's not the whole story. Here are the so-called "all time" statistics: It turns out that Blogger only started capturing these numbers in January 2011. That means I've had almost 29 million views in the last 12 years.  I don't know what happened on 2