ISSA-NoVA Summer Social

The ISSA-NoVA Summer Social will be held Thursday 17 August 2006 at the American Tap Room, 1811 Library St., Reston Town Center, in Reston, VA. There is no speaker, just a chance for members to chat for a few hours. Anyone who already RSVP'd needs to do so again, since the group suffered a data loss while upgrading their server.

Speaking of ISSA, time is running out to register for my special 2-day Network Security Operations: Los Angeles edition. Sign up by next Monday, 21 August, by sending an email to training [at] taosecurity [dot] com. I'll reply with a registration form. You can also check the TaoSecurity Training page for more details and a link to the form.


Anonymous said…

What are the benefits of ISSA membership? Both in general, and what you've gotten out of it.

Hi Harlan,

I like the speakers the chapter brings to the meetings. Without them I would not be a member. Since the meetings focus on issues important to the Beltway crowd, it keeps me in touch with their concerns. As an added benefit, I think the monthly newsletter is decent.
Anonymous said…
Ah, okay, thanks for that. I've received stuff in the [e]mail regarding memberships for various organizations, and so far, few really mention any benefit to me aside from lightening my wallet.

I have a clearance, but at this time, I'm not doing a great deal of work inside the beltway.
Anonymous said…
Thought I'd chime in here as I think that Richard does an awesome job supporting the chapter and it's website; I'll return the favor.

< marketing voice >
Top 10 Reasons to join ISSA - What are the benefits for becoming a member? How does it work on the international scene?

1. Voice of the Security Practioner – The ISSA is an unbiased third party made up solely of security practitioners and, as such, is not motivated by politics nor profits; only the ethical professionalism of our members and their dedication to protecting information resources in a professional manner. We are “The Global Voice of the Information Security Profession.”

2. Local Chapters – Along with other professional associations, such as the ISACA DC Chapter, and others, our objective is to provide local networking and educational opportunities. The ISSA’s local chapters and its members can become one of your strongest allies when support is needed to get your job done.

3. Professional Networking - Take advantage of local ISSA Chapter meetings and the ISSA Annual Conference to meet your peers and exchange information. Learn what other IS professionals in your area are doing, and share your experiences and successes with colleagues in other ISSA chapters. Contacts developed through networking are extremely beneficial for benchmarking security practices and as a resource for you to validate security product functionality.

4. Education - The ISSA Chapter meetings, regional events, and the annual conference serve as vital educational and professional resources, offering in-depth and timely information about our industry. They provide an opportunity to obtain skills and solutions to further your success. Educational opportunities include comprehensive workshops, seminars, exciting guest speakers, and presentations on new technologies in the industry. ISSA also provides members additional discounts to international security conferences.

5. Certification - The ISSA is a founding contributor of the International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium (ISC2), which offers the only comprehensive certification of Information Security Professionals. The CISSP Certification provides you with tangible proof of professional competency and serves as a key component in professional skills development. It also increases and demonstrates your knowledge in the field, provides personal and professional enrichment, and can enhance your job security and assist in career advancement.

6. Career Growth – The networking and training you receive through the ISSA will provide a means to identify potential career opportunities and may get you known to those in hiring positions. The ISSA also provides updated job postings on its web site.

7. Leadership Opportunities - Get involved – promote information security in your company, industry, and your community. At the local Chapter and ISSA Board levels, you can participate, learn, and help spread the word about the vital importance of information security. Members can earn CPE credits for participation on ISSA Boards.

8. Recognition - Become an ISSA author or speaker. ISSA welcomes articles from members for publication on the ISSA web site and in The ISSA Journal. Share your ideas about security, management, solutions, and innovation. Making a presentation about how you have applied security technology to address risks or ways you have adapted practices to solve problems helps other ISSA members and will identify you as an information security professional who is willing to share ideas and experiences. Plus, you can earn CISSP CPEs or CISA CPEs.

9. Access to Information – The ISSA web site,, provides a one-stop site for information professionals to quickly find useful information on security technologies and practices. The ISSA Journal is the Association’s monthly magazine that provides members with up-to-date technical, association, and chapter news.

10. Endorsements from people like yourself - Some great people are saying some wonderful things about the ISSA. Take a look at who they are, and at what they said.

See more here:

< /marketing voice >

IMHO I like the chapter b/c it keeps people plugged into the small security group in DC. If one of my fingers represents 1,000 people, then I can hold up one hand and represent the size of the entire DC INFOSEC community on five fingers. That's a powerful draw. I received my last job, in part, because of my affiliation with ISSA.

Also, they have a really good communications program, too. 8)

Full Disclosure:
Erik Vadnais, Communications Officer ISSA Northern Virginia Chapter

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