Review of PGP & GPG Posted just posted my five star review of PGP & GPG by Michael Lucas, one of the best tech authors around. From the review:

PGP & GPG is another excellent book by Michael Lucas. I thoroughly enjoyed his other books due to their content and style. PGP & GPG continues in this fine tradition. If you are trying to learn how to use PGP or GPG, or at least want to ensure you are using them properly, read PGP & GPG.

Note: Is anyone using GnuPG with a smart card like this one from Kernel Concepts?


Anonymous said…
I've seen several members of FSF Europe with such a smart card with their GPG key on it, and AFAIK, that's even the FSFE's official "membership card".
Unknown said…
I bought the book based on your review and I want to thank you. While I consider myself pretty comfortable with OpenPGP I was hoping this book would be something I could give to friends and family and get them on board, which is something I haven't been able to do by myself. This book might be just the thing! At about 15 dollars and short enough that It can be read in a few days I think it covers the concepts nicely although I wish it also discussed how to use PGP/GPG on a mac. Thanks for the review.
Gekitsuu -- cool. It's a great book.
Carlos R. said…
Hi Richard, I'm Carlos again, but now with a blog profile.
I bough the book too.. based on your review, the difference from gekitsuu is that I paid more, because I am in another country, but well, Its a good book.
Sorry for the time but I had problems with one of my HP DL580 servers and I'm working in it.

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