File this in the small yet helpful utility bin. You can use YouTube-dl to download videos from YouTube. I don't have Flash installed on FreeBSD, but I do have Mplayer. This means I can use YouTube-dl as follows:

orr:/home/richard$ python youtube-dl
usage: youtube-dl [options] video_url

-h, --help print this help text and exit
-v, --version print program version and exit
-u USERNAME, --username=USERNAME
account username
-p PASSWORD, --password=PASSWORD
account password
-o FILE, --output=FILE
output video file name
-q, --quiet activates quiet mode
-s, --simulate do not download video

orr:/home/richard$ python youtube-dl
Retrieving video webpage... done.
Extracting video URL parameters... done.
Video data found at
Retrieving video data... 6608k of 6608k done.
Video data saved to bPXF-iZh488.flv
orr:/home/richard$ mplayer bPXF-iZh488.flv
MPlayer 1.0pre7try2-3.4.4 (C) 2000-2005 MPlayer Team
Starting playback...

Obviously as an added benefit I can keep a local archive of my favorite videos.

I learned about this program through, but I just saw a FreeBSD port was added today.


Anonymous said…
If you use Firefox, you may want to check out VideoDownloader: It's capable of downloading videos from more than 60 different sites.
anonymous -- thanks! Great tip. I'm using it now.

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