First NoVA Sec Meeting 1900 Thu 24 Aug 06

Let's hold the first NoVA Sec meeting at 1900 on Thursday, 24 August 2006 at the Panera Bread at:

Fairfax Towne Center
12120 Fairfax Towne Center
Fairfax, VA 22033
Tel: (703) 246-0056

This place has free wireless.

The price of admission is a laptop running something other than Microsoft Windows. Whoever brings the most exotic OS on their laptop will get a free book from my stash of books that publishers send me to review. The winner will be decided by an attendee vote. See you there!

Note: This is the last time I will cross-post to the TaoSecurity Blog. All future announcements will be posted exclusively to the NoVA Sec Blog.


Anonymous said…
The price of admission is a laptop running something other than Microsoft Windows.

Darn...that counts me out. Maybe next time...and I do love me some Panera...
Bring a live CD then. :)
Anonymous said…
Thanks, Richard, but I can't hide who I am...oh, wait, that's the line I was going to use when I tried out for "Who wants to be a superhero"...
Anonymous said…
I have one problem with this post. First thanks for waiting for me to move to the west coast to start this. :P.

In all honesty the NOVA area really needs somethings like this. Nice job Rich.
da kahuna,

You bet. Have fun.
Anonymous said…
Who is going to sweep the place for "bugs" before we arrive to insure our privacy?

Anonymous said…
Man, do I wish I lived near you. It sounds like a great meeting.
I'd love to see the winner of most exotic laptop. Please let us know.

Thanks for al your hard work, Richard. I read your blog everyday.

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