Why No TaoSecurity Podcast

Last year I posted the idea of starting the TaoSecurity Podcast. Since then I've realized I do not have the time to conduct such a project. I find it difficult enough to blog regularly, and the work of assembling a podcast with features and guests is beyond what I can spare. Since my announcement, many interesting podcasts have already surfaced and I believe they do a good job discussing weekly security issues.

Some of my own blog content doesn't translate well to audio. Although my general opinions could be spoken, packet analysis or application examples don't fit into an audio format. My blog is primarily my brain's hard drive, and I frequently search it for help with current issues. I couldn't search podcast discussions the same way, unless they posted a transcript.

Personally, I consult my Bloglines feeds to keep up with security news. I do not listen to anything while I work -- no music, no television, no podcasts. I seldom commute anywhere, so I have little idle time. I read when flying, and when I drive alone for durations approaching 30 minutes or more I listen to selections from The Great Courses. I don't want to spend all of my waking time on security issues!


Anonymous said…
Thanks for sharing the link to The Great Courses! Looks like an awesome resource. I have been reading your blog for a few years and always appreciate your commentary on security, keep up the reviews.

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