Review of Hacker's Challenge 3 Posted just posted my four star review of Hacker's Challenge 3 by David Pollino, et al. From the review:

I read and reviewed HC1 in Nov 01, and HC2 in Jan 03. Now in Aug 06, I'm happy to be reading Hacker's Challenge 3 (HC3). Like its predecessors, HC3 is the sort of book that needs to be used when interviewing new hires or promoting technical staff. If the candidate has read the book and knows the answers to the challenges, she at least demonstrates her commitment to learning, as well as an ability to remember what she reads. If she can solve the challenges without having read the book, she shows a higher level of skill. If she has no clue how to respond to the challenges, you can move on to the next candidate.

I expressed some concerns about the IR and forensic techniques in some of this book's chapters. You can read those in the review. I still liked HC3 though.


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