Tuesday, August 29, 2006

NSM Wiki created

David Bianco of Vorant created a Network Security Monitoring Wiki to share information on effective use of Sguil and other NSM tools. You might also like David's blog.

If you've got custom queries you run in Sguil, or performance reports, or related issues, please share them on the Wiki. If you have questions about Sguil use, post them to the Sguil users list via email to sguil-users [at] lists.sourceforge.net. Questions on Sguil development should go to sguil-devel [at] lists.sourceforge.net. As always, you can discuss Sguil and NSM on irc.freenode.net in channel #snort-gui.


Ipslore said...

There's an extra "t" in the link to the wiki. The resultant URL takes one to an ugly place holder full of pop-ups.

Good linkage: NSMwiki

Richard Bejtlich said...

Fixed, thanks!