Sound Familiar?

I found the following quote in this story about problems at the CIA:

"[Y]ou're getting into the problem of very junior, inexperienced people, which a lot of veteran CIA people feel now is part of the problem. Porter Goss has to double the number of operational people in an environment where there are no mentors. Who's going to train these people?"

This reminded me of the problems in information technology. There is far too much infrastructure being operated by far too many inexperienced people who have no mentors.


Anonymous said…
Richard - I agree with this here. In order to combat some of this in our area (NE Ohio), some people have set up a group called the NE Ohio Information Security Forum whose purpose is to provide this type of mentoring to anyone who wants it. The meetings have been pretty successful as we get a mix of inexperienced as well as experienced security professionals where everyone gets something out of it.

Do you know of any formalized programs that can provide this?

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