Check Point Acquisition of Sourcefire Cancelled

According to Sourcefire's press release:

Sourcefire, Inc., the world leader in intrusion prevention, today announced that, with the consent of the US government, Sourcefire and Check Point Software Technologies have opted to withdraw their merger filing with the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS). Sourcefire will continue to operate as the industry's largest private Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) vendor.

According to Check Point's press release:

The companies have determined that it would be more effective to create a customer focused business partnership. "We've decided to pursue alternative ways for Check Point and Sourcefire to partner in order to bring to market the most comprehensive security solutions," said Gil Shwed, Check Point's CEO.

Check Point and Sourcefire will continue to create and distribute the best security solutions in their respective spaces. They will work together on formulating a partnership strategy moving forward and will keep customers and partners updated as new plans are developed.

Their FAQ says this:

Is the Sourcefire acquisition cancelled?

We can still pursue the acquisition but at this point we will explore other opportunities. We will also focus on running our business and delivering the best solutions for customers.

Wow, it's cancelled -- despite what Check Point says. I thought this deal would go through, albeit with restrictions.


Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
That's called "trying to save face"
Anonymous said…
After everything Roesch has done for IDS, I was hoping he would get a big payday. Timing is everything.
Brian said…
Are you kidding? This is PHENOMENAL advertising for Sourcefire. This puts Sourcefire on (or significantly bumps it upon) everyone's evaluation list. I wouldn't worry about Marty not getting paid.
Future suitor predictions? Cisco, Symantec, and ISS come to mind.
Anonymous said…
Yeah, Cisco should try to purchase SF. Their rebranded NetRanger and IDS Console needs to go.
RS said…
"Yeah, Cisco should try to purchase SF. Their rebranded NetRanger and IDS Console needs to go." <--- I TOTALLY agree!
Anonymous said…
Did you make the seminar last week in DC? Marty glossed over the non-acquisition and stuck with the strategy talk on the Sourcefire product suite.
Hi Tim,

I was teaching in Seattle last week and couldn't make it.

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