Review of Perfect Passwords Posted just posted my four star review of Perfect Passwords. This brings my dozen-Syngress-book reading drive to an end. Note that I read the first several books on flights over the Atlantic or waiting in airports. That gave me a jump on the reviews. From the review:

I never thought I would find a whole book about passwords to be interesting, but I really like Mark Burnett's Perfect Passwords. This short book (134 pages without the appendices, which can be ignored) is remarkably informative. I recommend anyone developing password policies or security awareness training reading Perfect Passwords.


Ryan Russell said…
I got to do a round of copyedit on this one. I was also pleasantly surprised that an entire book on passwords was very informative. I have been chatting with Mark over the last couple of years at Blackhat & DefCon about his password work, and I'm glad to see it down on paper. Some of the analysis work he has done is great.
Anonymous said…

I could not agree more. I bought it to help me with some ideas for an update to my company's password standard. Once I started reading it I simply could not stop reading.

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