Review of InfoSec Career Hacking Posted just posted my two star review of InfoSec Career Hacking. This write-up is for those of you who say I don't write enough negative reviews. I was particularly upset to see 3 of the book's 12 chapters are reprints. This is a disturbing trend. Syngress is using chapters from older books as filler for new titles that can't stand on their own. From the review:

InfoSec Career Hacking (ICH) is a confused, directionless book. It's a collection of contributions by various authors, three of which were previously published. The main text never states the goal of the text, so I turned to the description on the back cover: "A technical guide to landing (and keeping) a job in the information security field... If you want to refine those skills to land a top InfoSec job and employer-funded trip to Vegas next year, you've come to the right place." It sounds like ICH wants to be a sort of employment guide for "hackers," but it ends up as a muddle of some useful original material and recycled chapters from older Syngress titles.


Anonymous said…
You can add Security Log Management and Microsoft Log Parser Toolkit to the list of books with duplicate chapters. The last three chapters (out of 9) of Security Log Management are reprints. :(

Thanks for your comment. This is really sad!
Anonymous said…
glad i don't pay for my books and i smuggle them in ebook format.

i know. i am a crook. i will burn in hell. and i am taking food out of poor syngress' (let us reprint a few chapters for you) mouth.

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