Review of Protect Your Windows Network Posted just posted my five star review of Protect Your Windows Network by Jesper Johansson and Steve Riley. I loved this book. It's another must-read, but check out my comments. From the extensive review:

I received a copy of Protect Your Windows Network (PYWN) almost one year ago, and I immediately put it aside. I figured it was another "security configuration guide," with lots of descriptions of settings and other tweaks that makes for boring reading. Recently I decided to give PYWN another look, and I am exceedingly glad I did. PYWN is one of the best security books I have ever read, and that includes nearly 200 titles over the last six years. Incredibly, even non-Windows users will find plenty of sound advice for their enterprise. Although the book is highly opinionated (and at times perhaps not on my side of the issues) I strongly recommend reading PYWN.


Anonymous said…
Hi Richard,
Have you read Testing Network Security by Brian Hernacki and Jeremy Bennett from Symantec Press?

I really enjoyed the Art of Computer Virus Research and Defense. I was hoping that this book was going to be really good since it is from Symantec too but I haven't heard anything about it. I wonder if it got canceled since the web page above says due Spring 2005. If you know anything about it please let me know. Thanks.
C.S.Lee said…
hey Rich,

I think this book gonna be in my to-read list since I have to secure Windows Network too. Anyway nice recommendation :]

I was looking forward to Brian's book too. I'm not sure this book made it past the planning stage. I'd like to hear that I'm wrong, though!
Anonymous said…
I got word from someone at AW Professional that it is now schedule for January 2007. Two year delay doesn't sound too hopeful to me.
Jan 2007 sounds good. Delays in publishing are not uncommon. Real Digital Forensics should have been published before Tao of Network Security Monitoring!

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