Review of Silence on the Wire Posted just posted my four star review of Silence on the Wire by Michal Zalewski. I liked this book, although reading it was not as pleasant as I expected. From the review:

I received Silence on the Wire (SOTW) almost one year ago. When I first tried reading the book, I couldn't get past Ch 1. In fact, I didn't try reading anything for three months, hoping I could re-engage SOTW. Eventually I put SOTW aside and read other books, only to return to SOTW this week. I'm glad I gave SOTW a second chance. There's plenty to like in this book if you look for the details that interest you.


Ted Demopoulos said…
I've had the book for about 6 months, and have skimmed but not read yet.

Thanks for the review - motivation to start it tonight!
mcburton said…
This is EXACTLY what happened to me. Got through chapter one and needed time to digest. It has been taunting me ever since. Maybe I'll dive into it next (in the midst of your Tao of NSM)...

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