Review of Silence on the Wire Posted just posted my four star review of Silence on the Wire by Michal Zalewski. I liked this book, although reading it was not as pleasant as I expected. From the review:

I received Silence on the Wire (SOTW) almost one year ago. When I first tried reading the book, I couldn't get past Ch 1. In fact, I didn't try reading anything for three months, hoping I could re-engage SOTW. Eventually I put SOTW aside and read other books, only to return to SOTW this week. I'm glad I gave SOTW a second chance. There's plenty to like in this book if you look for the details that interest you.


Ted Demopoulos said…
I've had the book for about 6 months, and have skimmed but not read yet.

Thanks for the review - motivation to start it tonight!

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