Argus 3.0 Will Be Released Soon

I found a sign of the Apocalypse will reading the Argus mailing list. Long-time Blog readers should know that Argus is a stand-alone NSM session data program that I profiled in Tao. The relevant message by Argus developer Carter Bullard is here. In brief, Carter will be releasing a beta of Argus 3.0 "in 2-3 weeks".

This is an incredible development. The last publicly posted Argus version is available at The server and client programs are argus-2.0.6.fixes.1 and argus-clients-2.0.6.fixes.1, respectively. These files are almost two years old, and Argus mailing list users recommend adding patches that are only available on the mailing list!

For the sake of proper version management alone, I can't wait to see Argus 3.0 released. Carter reports that Argus 3.0 "adds IPv6 support, better encapsulation parsing, 64-bit support, Cygwin support and 64 bit counters, as well as a hundred thousand little nits and small changes that will probably drive everyone crazy." Unfortunately, Argus 3.0 "has the same SASL problems as argus-2.0." (I'm not familiar with this issue.)

When I get to try Argus 3.0 BETA, I will report my findings.


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