Short Note Regarding VMware Server Beta and VMware Server Console

Yesterday I posted experiences with VMware Server Beta. I repeated the installation process on a normal Intel laptop running Debian and I had no problems, save one. When I tried to connect to the VMware Server using the VMware Server Console (running on Windows 2000), I could never see the VM screen appear. The VM seemed to be running fine, but I had the same problem as described in this forum thread. Luckily, the fix in the thread worked for me too; I set the permissions on the .vmx file to 755 and I was able to see the VM screen in VMware Server Console.

The only unfortunate aspect of the endeavor was the limitations of my hardware. Although everything runs, a 366 MHz PII laptop with 287 MB (?) RAM does not a good VMware Server make.

Also: /usr/lib/vmware-mui/apache/bin/apachectl controls VMware's httpd server.

Another note: I had to rerun to change networking options. When I did that, I lost httpd. To restore it, I had to run


Anonymous said…
Thanks to the information provided setting up vmware server "beta" on 2 debian sarge boxes were a childplay!
Thank you very much!

/Niklas Eriksson

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