Who is Mike Lynn?

Do you remember the "James Baldwin" I mentioned earlier? James appeared to have information about the Ciscogate saga that no one else had. I believe I know why: James Baldwin is Mike Lynn! And so is one other person.

I found Mike's MemeStreams site, which shows his home page as antinode.net. Who registered that site?

James Baldwin
18 Great Wood
San Antonio, TX 78232

Registrar: NameSecure.com
Created on 11-24-2000
Expires on 11-25-2007

An antinode.net archive shows jbaldwin@antinode.net as the contact email. Antinode.net is actually rasterburn.org/~eddy/antinode/, but hardly any of the content appears archived.

I did find one Antinode page that listed an eddy@rasterburn.org as the title for the page. Searching for that email address led me to a post about cars in Atlanta, where ISS is located. Member information for user eddy showed his home page as Antinode.net, his birthday as January 4, 1981 (Mike is 24) and his AIM account as "eophten".

Queries for eophten brought me back another MemeStreams blog that has been -- guess what -- posting stories on Ciscogate! I also found a Sun support forum for a "jbaldwin" using AIM account eophten. Looking back at MemeStreams, the eophten profile listed the real name as "Edward Dertouzas" with homepage http://rasterburn.org/~eddy -- the same site hosting Antinode.net.

So who is Edward Dertouzas? He's a character in a Bruce Sterling book. And James Baldwin? He's probably the author of Go Tell It on the Mountain.

So there you have it. Mike Lynn == James Baldwin == Edward Dertouzas (eddy).

Incidentally, if this discovery had any effect at all on the state of Ciscogate, I would have kept my research to myself. I could be wrong about it all anyway.

Update: Ok, I have heard enough from everyone that James Baldwin != Mike Lynn. I said "I could be wrong about it all anyway." and I was. I should not have made the leap based on the registration of the Antinode.net domain. Anyway, my investigation took between 15 and 30 minutes, so I didn't waste a major portion of my life on it. Until next time...


Anonymous said…
Doesn't really convince me. It might be possible, but why go to all the hassle?
Anonymous said…
Mike drives a VW (not even a cool one) not a 240, and he is ANYTHING but into cars enough to where he would be stoked to get a 240 drifter.

just my two cents..
Anonymous said…
eddy@rasterburn.org speaking:

If you search for me (eddy) you'll also find that I speak regularly in #c on efnet. Mike Lynn is a self described C god... this is probably furthered by the superiority I feel in being present in programming interest channel.

Morever, the current topic in #c is "C Programming & Discussion (key is 'c'): Mike Lynn's, #c op abaddon, Legal Fund, paypal abaddon@io.com". I am incognito and gathering funds and support for my cause. Nevermind that "abaddon" portion, I'm "eddy" remember?

If you're lucky enough to know where I (Mike) live, you might see my VW (which is a cool GTI, thank you very much) in the driveway, but you'll also see a white 240sx tucked away and rusting under the car port. Who said I wasn't interested in cars?

Feel free to contact me by aim or email if you care for more details, those, at least, are correct.
Anonymous said…
eddy is going to hell.

i mean jail.
Anonymous said…
Nice description James, but don't forget to mention the words "James eats it." written (in dust) on the hood of your rusting ass 240sx. Never forget that.
Anonymous said…
Oh... if you search for Mike Lynn on Kismet mailing list based on his earlier work as a wireless security expert, you'll see he posted from a mail.utexas.edu email address...

Edward Dertouzas, from the Bruce Sterling short story "Deep Eddy" shares something else... "Deep Eddy" is a swimming hole in Ausin where the University of Texas is located.
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
... But Mike has been employed by Atlanta based companies, ISS and Air Defense (from his first Black Hat briefing) since 2002. Hardly "recent" in 2005

Maybe James is someone else?
Anonymous said…
I guess no one has just aim'ed him to ask?
Anonymous said…
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Due to a request not to post personal information, I have deleted comments containing phone numbers and the like. I am closing this thread now. Thank you.

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