Review of Snort Cookbook Posted just posted my three star review of Snort Cookbook. From the review:

"I read the Snort Cookbook because I am always trying to learn more about Snort. I've read almost every book on the open source intrusion detection system, so I hoped the Snort Cookbook might offer advice not found elsewhere. Unfortunately, whatever good material appears in the book is overshadowed by outdated or outright bad advice. The best Snort book is still Syngress' Snort 2.1, so I recommend reading that title."

I suggest reading my review before considering buying this book. The authors are quality people who are trying to contribute to the security community, but there are some serious problems with Snort Cookbook. (I know these authors can write -- see Syngress' Ethereal Packet Sniffing for one example.) O'Reilly is batting 0 for 2 with its Snort books (remember Mangling (I mean, "Managing") Snort and IDS Tools?), but I expect its books on FreeBSD and IPv6 to be better.


Anonymous said…
Having read other Snort books and now your review... I will definately leave this one on the shelf.

You would think that O'Reilly would do better as they have always been a great source for technical books... maybe their cookbook series is just not getting the same internal focus as their nutshell series...

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