BSD Certification Group Publishes Certification Roadmap

Yesterday the BSD Certification Group published the Certification Roadmap (.pdf). I realize I have been beaten by Slashdot on this story, but I have been either teaching or in training all week! (More on that when I have time -- I return to class tomorrow.) From the press release:

"The BSD Certification Group has decided that the associate level certification, followed by the professional level certification, will be rolled out in 2006. The associate certification targets those with light to moderate skills in system administration and maps to the Junior SAGE Job Description. The professional level certification is for those with stronger skills in BSD system usage and administration and maps to the Intermediate/Advanced SAGE Job Description."

Having participated in the internal voting process for this certification, I am pleased to see a two-cert approach. We will start with the junior cert; "the test activation goal for the associate level certification is April 5, 2006."


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