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Earlier this month I announced work on, a free site providing quality network traffic traces to researchers, analysts, and other members of the digital security community.

We are looking for help in two areas:

  1. Open source content management systems (CMS) experience: We believe we will use a CMS to accept, moderate, and present traffic captures to users. We need help planning and deploying a CMS that will meet our needs.

  2. Open source database experience: We will use an open source database like MySQL or PostgreSQL, as compatible with the CMS we choose. We need help planning and deploying a database schema, and we will need guidance on configuring the database properly. Most of the crew has database experience as it relates to supporting intrusion detection sensors, but storing and retrieving the sorts of data we have in mind is probably outside our daily routine.

We have ideas for additional functionality, but providing ways to accept, moderate, and present traces in Libpcap format is the primary goal of our first version of

If you are interested in helping with either subject, please email richard at taosecurity dot com.

If you have any comments, as always they are welcome here. Thank you.


Anonymous said…
I have found two CMSs that have evolved to the point where content management has become less of a chore; Mambo and Plone. I am working with Mambo, and Jones is working with Plone - Let me know if you would like an admin account to give it a test drive.
Anonymous said…
Have you looked at IT does have CMS and a whole lot more. IT uses Postgres or Oracle as the back end. And TCL is the programming language, here is the home page and here is a list of packages in the current release


ps I know nothing about CMS

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