TaoSecurity Services Brochure

Several people have asked what I've been doing for the last several months. Several also did not realize I've created my own company, TaoSecurity LLC, and that I've been working on my own for the last two months. If you'd like to know what sorts of services we are providing, please check out our new services brochure (.pdf) on our consulting page.

Essentially, if you've read about it in one of my books, we can provide it as a service for you. In fact, I have already performed, or will perform shortly for named clients, all of the sorts of work on the services page. That is why I have been too busy to read and review books!

All of our work can be summarized in our motto: Know your network before an intruder does.


Anonymous said…
Good plug Richard! tsk tsk..
You'd think after 1000+ posts to a forum that is completely free, with no ads, I'd be "allowed" to mention the work that I do.
Anonymous said…
Know your network before an intruder does,

That is perfect! How true!
Anonymous said…
Are ya hiring :-)
Re: hiring -- Not right now. If the pace of work keeps up I'll post word of employment opportunities at TaoSecurity.com though. Thank you.

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