Initial Announcement

I would like to announce that I am working on a project called The mission of is to provide quality network traffic traces to researchers, analysts, and other members of the digital security community. One of the most difficult problems facing researchers, analysts, and others is understanding traffic carried by networks. At present there is no central repository of traces from which a student of network traffic could draw samples. will provide one possible solution to this problem.

Analysts looking for network traffic of a particular type will visit, query the Database for matching traces, and download those packets in their original format (e.g., Libpcap, etc.). The analyst will be able to process and analyze that traffic using tools of their choice, like Tcpdump, Snort, Ethereal, and so on.

Analysts who collect their own traffic will be able to submit it to the database, assuming it is suitable for public review and meets guidelines to be announced later.

I am currently working with some friends and colleagues on this project. We hope to have up and running before the end of the year. At present the domain name is "parked," and soon it will simply forward to this blog entry. As we enter Alpha and then Beta status, more will be available through that domain name.


Anonymous said…
Great idea:)
Anonymous said…
Make sure to provide some anonomyzing tools (or discuss/link to) such as the nice things from caida and others. Unfortunatly, most (all?) of these have trouble with captured data that contain thinks like 802.1q, QinQ, and MPLS tags.. Which make traces that contain that type of data very very hard to share.
Anonymous said…

Definitely looking forward to the site and contributing to that community. Let me know if I can help in any way.

Anonymous said…
Hey Richard,

This is definitely something that the community has needed for a long time. The problem is most of us don't have the bandwidth (not just the circuit but HW, time, cycles) to do this on our own. Bringing this together on in addition to everything else you are involved in is top notch.

If there is anything that I can do to help, let me know.

Anonymous said…
Very cool. Something that has been needed for a while.

The Ethereal Sample Capture Page is a also good start.

- Matthew Franz
Anonymous said…
If we can provide resources or content from Bleeding Snort, we're happy to. Let me know what you need.

Matt Jonkman
James said…
This is a great idea. I've always been a big fan of hands on learning. I seem to learn this stuff through my finger tips anyway ;-)
Anonymous said…
I third or fourth the positive comments, once information is available on what is needed I will be happy to contribute as well.

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