Excellent Anti-DDoS Story

If you haven't read How a Bookmaker and a Whiz Kid Took On an Extortionist — and Won, you're in for a treat. I stumbled across this today, and remembered reading it several months ago. I realized I never blogged the story. The technician at the heart of the story is Barrett Lyon, who began the Opte Project.

His company Prolexic takes an innovative approach to surviving DDoS attacks. He seems to redirect traffic aimed at his clients, filters attack traffic, and then sends it to the intended recipients. I imagine he employs some creative routing to do it. If Barrett notices this blog entry by the graphic at left I'm pulling from his site, maybe he'll share a few comments with us?


Anonymous said…
Excellent post and excellent story. You cannot help but admire someone with the knowledge, creativity, and willpower to do and stick to something like this. Most impressive and inspiring to read! Fancy routing indeed!

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