Review of Extreme Exploits Posted just posted my four star review of Extreme Exploits Advanced Defenses Against Hardcore Hacks. From the review:

"I read Extreme Exploits because the content looked intriguing and I am familiar with applications written by lead author Victor Oppleman. The back cover states the book is "packed with never-before-published advanced security techniques," but I disagree with that assessment. While I found all of the content helpful, between 1/3 and 1/2 of it is probably available in older books -- including several by publisher McGraw-Hill/Osborne. Nevertheless, I find the strength of the network infrastructure security sections powerful enough to recommend Extreme Exploits."

This is a cool book, but it is clear the publisher is trying to position it with a catchy title that doesn't necessarily reflect the contents. The book is mostly defensive in nature, but it does show ways to gather information that are used by more sophisticated intruders.

You may recognize author Victor Oppleman as the developer of Layer Four Traceroute. I look forward to his next book, arriving next summer: The Secrets to Carrier Class Network Security.


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