Who Uses PCI Express NICs?

I'd like to buy an Intel PRO/1000 PT Dual Port Server Adapter for the PCI Express slot in my Shuttle SB81P. Has anyone seen these NICs yet, or used similar PCI Express NICs with FreeBSD?


Anonymous said…
Why have you switched your weblog from full feeds to summary-only? It's so much more convenient to read as a full feed, would you please re-enable the full feed?

Many thanks!
I haven't switched anything. This is Blogger's doing and it's the second time it's happened. I'll see if I can fix it.
Anonymous said…
you wanna use this as a tap???
Anonymous -- I might have this NIC receive tap inputs, or I might have those interfaces sniff SPAN ports. Does it matter?
Anonymous said…
Kind of ... off-main-topic, but here it goes, hoping it could be somehow related: have you had any experience with the product at:


I am contemplating trying one, but would like some expert opinion, before spending the money on it. Thx.
Hello again,

I do not have experience with this product, although I think I mentioned them before in the blog. If they send me an eval unit, I'll be happy to try it. :)
Regarding RSS summaries -- do you still see them? This link shows full text. Perhaps it was a Blogger burp?
Anonymous said…
So no comments on the PCI-X cards then?
Heh. I was thinking of getting the same cards. Richard, let me know your findings.
Hi Joe,

I have only used PCI-X in Dell 750 1U rackmount boxes. I don't have any systems in my lab with open PCI-X slots.
pci compliance said…
Sorry, I have never seen these NICs.

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