Am I an Astronaut?

Today I learned of a Web site that references a somewhat messed up transcript of a Webcast I did a few years ago. The instructor expects students to read the transcript and then answer questions like the following:

1. (20 pts, 2 pts each) Read the article and then argue for or against each of the following statements:

1. Network security monitoring is an intrusion detectioon system.
2. Information presented in the article was outdated, since it was published in year 1999.
3. The author, Richard Bejtlick, was formally trained as an astronaut.

If I have a few moment I might try answering these, and sending the results to the professor. :)


Anonymous said…
Well, Richard, you're no space cadet.

Thanks for the chuckle!
John Ward said…

Sometimes I think your head is in the clouds, but I don't think that qualifies you as an astronaut :)

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