Register for Discounted Black Hat Federal 2006 Through 20 January

Last month I mentioned I would attend Black Hat Federal Briefings 2006 in Crysal City, Arlington, VA. You can now register at a discounted rate through 20 January.

These are the briefings that look interesting to me:

  • Finding Digital Evidence in Physical Memory by Mariusz Burdach or Breakable by David Litchfield

  • Implementing and Detecting An ACPI BIOS Rootkit by John Heasman or Beyond EIP by spoonm & skape

  • Rootkit Hunting vs. Compromise Detection by Joanna Rutkowska

  • New Directions in Disk Forensics by Simson L. Garfinkel or Client Side Penetration Testing by Max Caceres

  • FragFS: An Advanced NTFS Data Hiding Technique by Irby Thompson

  • Analysis of Adversarial Code: Problem, Challenges, Results by Arun Lakhotia

  • Attacks on Unitialized Local Variables by Halvar Flake

  • Playing Server Hide and Seek by Paul Syverson & Lasse Ă˜verlier or Analysis of Web Application Worms and Viruses by Billy Hoffman

  • My IDS is better than yours. Or is it? by Stefano Zanero

  • How to Automatically Sandbox IIS With Zero False Positive and Negative by Tzi-cker Chiueh

  • SCADA Security and Terrorism: We're Not Crying Wolf! by David Maynor & Robert Graham or Nematodes by David Aitel

As you can see, I haven't made up my mind yet. If I'm lucky some of the presentations will be moved around to reduce the conflicts!


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