Share BSD dmesg Output

Yesterday I installed FreeBSD 6.0 on my ThinkPad a20p laptop, my Soekris Net4801, and a Dell PowerEdge 2300 SMP server. After each one was deployed I collected dmesg output and posted each result to the NYCBUG dmesgd page. This is a great resource for sharing hardware experience with other BSD users. Newer hardware is especially helpful, because that knowledge can guide purchasing decisions.

I am currently working with several NYCBUG members to develop a PortRequest system. PortRequest will be a centralized place to collect suggestions for additions to the FreeBSD ports tree. For example, yesterday I learned of ttyrpld, a kernel-based TTY shell, screen, and key logger for Linux, FreeBSD/PCBSD, and OpenBSD. ttyrpld is not in the FreeBSD ports tree. I did not find any Problem Reports (PRs) for it. Once PortRequest is running, I will be able to submit information about ttyrpld to the PortRequest site. If any port maintainers or aspiring port creators peruse the list of PortRequests, they might see ttyrpld and decide to create a port. As PortRequest develops I hope to solicit your feedback.

Also -- the January BSD Certification Group Newsletter is now available.


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