Bejtlich FreeBSD Article in February Sys Admin Magazine

The February 2006 issue of Sys Admin magazine features an article I wrote called Keeping FreeBSD Up to Date. This article represents my latest opinions on the matter, and where possible supersedes my previous work on the subject.

If you administer any Unix systems, or you want to know more about Unix, I highly recommend subscribing to Sys Admin. I don't know of another multi-Unix, multi-topic magazine like it. Every issue has at least one article on a subject I need to understand. In a world where magazine racks are dominated by Windows-centric rags, I like supporting Sys Admin!


Anonymous said…
This is an awesome magazine. I got a free subscription when I took a SANS class, and found myself missing it when I let the subscription lapse. Seems like most of the articles are written by regular folks who solved a problem. I throw away Information Week solicitations unread, but this is worth paying for.

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