Happy 3rd Birthday TaoSecurity Blog

Today is the 3rd birthday of the TaoSecurity blog. I started this blog on 8 January 2003 as a "hard drive for my brain." I record how I accomplish certain tasks, or I put context around security events and related developments. I hope you find the content useful and relevant.

I have a busy week ahead. I will deliver presentations on network incident response and network forensics at the 2006 DoD Cybercrime Conference in Palm Harbor, FL on Wednesday, 11 January 2006. Please stop by if you're at the conference.

I will speak at ShmooCon 2006 in Washington, DC on Saturday, 14 January 2006 at 1600. David Bianco will join me. I hope to meet up with Sguil and FreeBSD users to discuss both projects.


Anonymous said…
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joat said…
Richard, looking forward to hearing you talk at Shmoo. - Tim Kramer (joat)
John H. Sawyer said…
Hey Richard,
Congrats on 3 Years! I am looking forward to your presentations at the DoD conference. Keep up the great blogging and work in the industry. Make sure you hang around so we can buy you some {insert beverage of your choice}.
Joao Barros said…
Another fine year of your blog, congratulations Richard!
We have beer on the other side of the Atlantic too, when will you come over for a drink? ;)

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