Bejtlich/Bianco ShmooCon DVD

Thanks to David Bianco, I received a copy of a DVD of our ShmooCon 2006 presentation, Network Security Monitoring with Sguil (.ppt). The cover is posted at left, and clicking on it will show a larger version. I am not sure if the Feds will appreciate the Che Guevara theme the next time my security clearance is reviewed. If you want to order you own copy, you can visit As far as I know I do not get a penny from DVD sales, unless there was some hidden clause in the form Heidi Potter asked me to sign!

By the way, this blog has been on fire this month. Where are you all coming from? If you started reading this blog this month, would you mind posting a comment saying where you heard of it, and if you plan to return next month? Thank you!


Anonymous said…
When I started posting my ShmooCon coverage I went looking for others that had already posted about it. Your blog looked interesting, so I added it to my feedreader. Now if only the they had the video torrents up.
Eliot -- nice blog. I really like the color scheme.
Anonymous said…
I don't remember exactly how I found your blog... maybe Googling on "Security Blog"...
I really enjoyed your posts on the Blackhat Federal :)
And I'm from France :p
Anonymous said…
Read your book "The Tao of Network Security Monitoring" last year, and I've been a daily reader (although not a poster) since then. I'm in Texas (although I just moved here from Florida).
Anonymous said…
I've heard about your blog on Harlan Carvey's blog It was about a year ago. From than on I started to check your blog every day. Really great work and articles Mr. Bejtlich.

BTW, I'm from Slovenia.
Anonymous said…

I found you and your blog when searching for more details about bonding interfaces. I found an old email of yours in snort-users.

I enjoy FreeBSD and OpenBSD and work as a security person for my day job. My focus is NSM, so your blog is right up my alley.
Anonymous said…

I heard about you when looking at sguil :-)

I'm a unix sec admin from Paris,france

PS : I'm still fighting with sguil, actually I'm recoding the gui in pygtk just for fun. If I get to a usabble point, I'll give it back to the sguil guys
Dany -- please send me email: richard at taosecurity dot com. I'd like to try your Sguil pygtk port when ready.
Anonymous said…
I've been an advocate of your blog since I discovered it. I've read Tao and am reading Extrusion. I have Forensics in my "to read next". You've got a great approach to writing and I enjoy catching up on your blog.

It's great to see your write up on Mike Rash's SchmooCon presentation. I work with Mike and had to let him know you made his blog! :)

Keep up the great work and I look forward to new material that you develop.

Best of luck!
Anonymous said…
err - he made your blog.

Anonymous said…

I have read your first book and that is how I found out about your blog. I was at your presentation at RSA Conference 2006. Great presentation, by the way.

I am from Brazil and own an IT/Infosec services company.

Renato Maia

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