Saturday, November 15, 2003

TruSecure: "k3wl ," Like "Hackweiser and G-force Pakistan"

The BBC wrote an article about the threat intelligence group, "codename IS/Recon (Information Security Reconnaissance)." They're TruSecure's "moles" -- people who befriend the "underground" and acquire information on their intentions and capabilities. The national intelligence community calls that "human intelligence," or HUMINT.

The article claims TruSecure "currently tracks more than 11,000 individuals in about 900 different hacking groups and gangs." It also states they collect "200 gigabytes of information a day," which "has enabled the team to help out with 54 investigations by law enforcement agencies. IS/Recon gave the FBI over 200 documents about the Melissa virus author after they were asked to get closer to suspects."

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