My C-64 Rides Again

Thanks to a RR-Net kit, my Commodore 64 is now on the Internet. I browsed using the Contiki Web browser and I served Web pages sing the Contiki Web server. It's slow, but really amazing to think a machine that hasn't been used in 13 years is now on the Internet! There's also a version of VNC which I haven't tried yet.

I still need to try downloading software and getting it to the C-64. The RR-Net package arrived with a 5 1/4 floppy containing Contiki.

Update: The Web server doesn't seem too stable. Twice I've left the box running in the basement only to find Contiki exited several hours later. Oh well, that's why I run FreeBSD.


Anonymous said…
I have been running a web server from a 1982 built Commodore 64 AKA c64 for about a year now and since the release of contiki v2.1 i have found it to be a very reliable web server check it out on

Contiki v2.1 also now runs from a .html file and not compiled into the .prg file much better.

Have Fun Shane

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