Thursday, November 06, 2003

Testers for DRAFT Sguil on FreeBSD Installation Guide Needed

I announced the availability of Sguil 0.3.0, so I've been working on a new installation guide. I'm not a big Linux fan so I've been wanting to move my document to reflect FreeBSD. Today I completed the install guide and posted it at If you're so inclined, download the installation doc and try it out.

I used FreeBSD 4.9 RELEASE only to have access to that distro's packages. These are the same as would be found on the 4.9 CD-ROM. The only package I used from the section was OpenSSL, as version 0.9.7c was the latest. It appeared in the stable tree as

The reason I used the packages and not the ports tree was ease of installation. It can take quite a while to build some ports from source, so I opted for package installations for everything except Sguil, Snort, and Barnyard. The guide uses Snort 2.0.3 which was just released. Thankfully everything worked out fine.

I appreciate any comments people might have on the doc. I'd like to declare the guide "FINAL" by Monday.

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